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Covid-19 Update

Dear Members,  (updated as of 3/17/2020)

Due to an increase in the number of Covid-19 cases our Governor has decreed Iowa to be in a State of Emergency. 

Here is a link to the official proclamation: 

Due to this I am hereby canceling our Wednesday Night Lenten Services so that we are in compliance with these new State Laws. I will be working over the next few days to construct a workable approach to our life of Corporate Worship on Sundays. If the elders and I cannot come up with a solution in the next few days I will also move to cancel our Sunday service so that we are in compliance with our State laws.

As I mentioned in our Devotion, the Civil Government has been established by God for our good. In this case, since this is not a matter of attack on our faith we are dutifully obligated to obey them as the servants of God for our good.

In Christ,
Pastor Beltz

Dear Members,   (Date: 3/16/2020)

After much consultation with our District President, neighboring pastors, the Elders, and along with the increasing stress of the Federal Government for safety we will be making some changes to our life as a congregation.

Moving forward we will no longer have Sunday School for our Children. We will also not gather for our Sunday Morning Study. We will also not host our Midweek meals for the remaining Midweek Services. 

Our District President is recommending caution as we gather for our corporate services, but he is recommending that we still gather. The neighboring pastors in our circuit and district, the Elders, and I agree that we should not yet give up meeting together. However, recommendations are being made that we make changes to our life together for the sake of caution. A possible change could be having separate services for different age groups. WE ARE NOT MAKING THIS CHANGE TO OUR LIFE, YET! BUT, other nearby congregation are making this change, it is being recommended, and this is a possibility for us in the near future given what we currently know about Covid-19.

Continue to pray that our God ends the course of this Virus soon.

I am sure, given the rapid pace of information, I will be writing you again soon.

In Christ,
Pastor Beltz