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Martin Luther, A Man Who Changed the World

I cannot say enough about this work and this author. All of his children's books are beautifully illustrated and wonderful written. I'm saying this as a college guy... so it means a lot. This book is an excellent way to expose young children to Martin Luther, a true hero of the faith.  Please take a look at his other children's books... very first Christmas, Easter, Christians, etc. Also check out his fiction books such as "A Skeleton in God's Closet" and "Pontius Pilate." You can also check out his reactionary work to the da vinci code as well as his non-fiction works especially the autobiography of his father, Walter Maier, who was the first Lutheran Hour Speaker.

Madgalena, Released from Shame - DVD

The title "Magadlena, Released from Shame, " led me to believe the film would be mainly about Mary Magdalene herself.  This is, however, not only a story of her life which includes the fact that she was a woman who was considered to be of questionable reputation, her feeling of shame, and her true devotion to her Lord but we are also given the opportunity to view God's creation of the world, the birth of Christ, His preaching and challenges along with His miracles, His crucifixion and His triumph over death.  I was originally a tad disappointed in the amount of time given to Mary Magdalene's early life UNTIL I REALIZED that the only and most important thing to know about her, was that her life with JESUS CHRIST and her finally being able to accept His forgiveness for her shame. 


I invite you to view this DVD and perhaps you will understand why I feel she is worthy of being considered a forgiven and devoted female apostle of her time. 

                                                                      Betty, St. John Lutheran Church