St. John Lutheran


Oskaloosa, Iowa

Sharing the Joy

of His Name

About Us


Welcome to St. John Lutheran!

Our Mission: Sharing the Joy of His name through a loving and caring congregation.

Here at St. John we have used our church name as an acronym.  It is a reminder that we are called to "Share the Joy Of  His Name."  Additionally, the phrase has been added "through a loving and caring congregation."  Of course, this is not a static pronouncement, but a calling to which we strive.  What is certainly a constant is the "loving" and "caring" of our Lord that is proclaimed at St. John in every service.


Please join us for Worship Service at 9AM on Sunday followed by Sunday School and Adult Bible Study at 10AM. 


Learn more about our church history and meet our church staff.

We believe, teach and confess that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Lord, and that through faith in Him we receive forgiveness of sins, eternal life and salvation.We confess that "our works cannot reconcile God or merit forgiveness of sins and grace, but that we obtain forgiveness and grace only by faith when we believe that we are received into favor for Christ's sake, who alone has been ordained to be the mediator and propitiation through whom the Father is reconciled" (AC, XX, 9).